EDELBERG | Pen Box & Working Desk Tray

EDELBERG was born in 2009 from the creative mind of Carlo E. Naldi and is part, even if it is a separate company, of our world.

Obviously, Carlo uses the services of for the packaging of the Edelberg line.

At the moment we are working on the packaging study with particular attention to the environment, but not only recyclable materials, but we want to eliminate all the useless, everything that when you get home is simply thrown away. We want every part that the customer buys to be used and nothing to be thrown away. Starting from the packaging itself, which is essential anyway, to the transport bag which must become a bag of 'eternal' use.

We hate waste, and good building starts with small things and from every small personal and individual step, we hope you will all appreciate this approach.

Here a desk tray in recycled material with double-sided use, on one side for a pen and on the other for 2 ... nothing is thrown away and everything becomes an intelligent part of the customer's purchase.

In particular, this packaging was designed for the Super Hero 2.0.

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