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NEBBIOLO | Solid Wood Mirror Finishing | Legnoart

design Enrico Albertini


Stainless steel frame, long lever handle,
Professional corkscrew, skillfully engraved details.
Extra leverage with double hinge for long corks.
Grey coloured stamina wood handle, with smooth feeling
Wood gift box


Cavatappi professionale per sommelier con finitura a specchio, scatola regalo in legno
Grand Crue Sommelier corkscrew mirror finishing , wood gift box
Tire bouchon professionnel pour sommelier en acier inoxydable brillant , boîte cadeau en bois Grand Crue Sommelier Kellnermesser , Glandzender Edelstahl, Holz Geschenk Box



NEBBIOLO | Solid Wood Mirror Finishing | Legnoart

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