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+41 79 321 86 83

 graphics • artistic achievements • graphic design

Vito is a designer, artist and graphic designer with 40 years of experience. He has experienced the technological advances of recent decades, always knowing that he remains up to date. His artistic skills are amazing. We are happy to count it in our team and we appreciate all the various projects we can tackle together. Vito speaks several languages.

OUR TEAM: L'équipe

CARLO E. NALDI • Karl von Edelberg
+41 79 301 04 67

conceptualization • design • industrialization

Karl deals with the artistic and technical development of the many products he develops and which are requested by international customers. Each request is a limitless challenge egg that accepts with enthusiasm and creativity. Karl is fascinated by architecture and design, contemporary art (he is the artistic director of the St'Art art gallery in Geneva), calligraphy (in 2019 he conceived and entirely developed a project for a museum of writing culture in Bangalore / India) and archeology, fond of ancient manuscripts and numismatics and archaeological objects that he collects. These are some of the sources of cultural and artistic aspiration that allow Karl to turn an idea and a dream into reality. Carlo communicates in Italian, French, English and German.

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