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Since 2006 offers a selection of wines and accessories for wine culture.


STARTING From 2019 we decided to focus on the production of a specific region of Italy, home to some indigenous vineyards at the base of the greatest Italian wines, but not known by the general public and little promoted, Emilia-Romagna.

These lands are particularly important to us because of the paternal provenance of Carlo, our founder.


Carlo's father, Ugo, born in 1924, HE WAS a Bolognese DOC just like the name Naldi, coming from these lands.

The Naldi's in Bologna were known for their furniture production IN SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA, but not only.

Returning to these roots is not only a pleasure but also a pride.

Our partners are the TENUTE D'ITALIA of Imola with which we entertain not only a working relationship but above all a great friendship.

Together with the beautiful choice of labels that we offer through the Tenute d'Italia, we have combined an extraordinary collection of accessories for oenology of the highest quality and in full development and expansion. Also in this case we work exclusively with a company, the LegnoArt of Omegna in northern Italy, with which we also maintain a relationship of esteem, respect and great friendship ... this cocktail turns out to be very appreciated and highlights the enological culture as a whole, since tasting a glass of wine according to us also envelops all the extraordinary world that revolves around it.


We have also decided to allow the dissemination and knowledge of our wines and products to put online a web store, which will undoubtedly be highly appreciated for the sophisticated Swiss clientele to whom we offer a service from our Rotkreuz (Zug) warehouse and delivery free from a carton of wine.

We offer the choice of our wines to both private affecionados clients, as well as to restaurants, hotels or distributors which in turn will help to divulge the labels we offer.


A strong point of our offer is the PRIVATE LABEL, in fact we offer any type of our wines with personalized labels for companies, brands or whatever, if you wish to take advantage of this service feel free to contact us.


Welcome to the world of wine culture of

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