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Romagna Albana D.O.G.C. Secco

100% Albana
Medium Mixture
Sur Lies in Stainless Steel Tank



The Albana grape is without any doubt the Queen of the Romagnol winemaking heritage. A vine with extraordinary potential, the wines that come from it are distinguished by an unprecedented balance between freshness, warmth and body, as well as for the unmistakable aromatic profile that unites all versions in which the Albana finds expression in the bottle: from the passito - the most typical of all variants, first among the Italian white wines to obtain, in 1987, the Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (D.O.C.G.) - to the sweet Albana and the sparkling rendition, up to the dry version - like Diaterna – in fact,the taster will appreciate the constant emer- gence of an unmistakable bouquet of apricot, golden apple and white flowers, sometimes completed with slight grassy hints.


Staying completely faithful to the tradition it bears, Diaterna, however, wanted to include an international reference to the concept of Albana that it intends to propose: taking its inspiration from the illustrious French school, in the production process of this product, it was de- cided to introduce the so-called “aging sur lie”, a technique that calls for the conservation - for a period variable between 3 and 6 months - of the wine resting on the yeast cells (the lees) that have completed fermentation. This process gives more body to the wine, as well as considerably extending its aromatic content, especially at an olfactory level.


Next to the typical notes above, in the glass of Diaterna it will be possible to catch hints of juicy citrus fruits and tropical fruit, while on the pal- ate the extraordinary freshness is balanced by extraordinary body and considerable warmth. Diaterno lends itself to partnering risotto and dishes based on fish of moderate structure and intensity; it is also interesting in combination with rabbit, roast goose and Duck l’Orange. Wanting to add an international rendition to the combination, it is also recommended as an ac- companiment to an inviting Valencian paella.

DIATERNA 0.75L | White Wine | Santerno

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