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SERESO | RED Wine 0,75L | Tenuta del Principe


Romagna DOC
Sangiovese Superiore Riserva

100% Sangiovese
Clayey, medium mixture
in oak casks from 36 to 48 months



King of Romagnol viticulture, the Sangiovese vine finds in Sereso it maximum expression in terms of quality and aromatic complexity.

The productive path of this noble wine starts from the land, with a rigorous selection pro- cess by agronomists and oenologists to identify the most suitable vineyard parcels for the production of superior quality grapes. Only beginning with the processing of a perfect raw material is it possible to aspire to such a precious final result, able to enchant and impress itself in the memory of the taster.


After fermentation at a carefully controlled temperature, the process of refinement un- dergone by Sereso continues in stainless steel tanks for about three months – (during which it is subjected to malolactic fermenta- tion) - and then ends with significant aging in oak barrels. Depending on the vintage, this last phase can vary in length from 3 to 4 years, and confers on each wine an ever more specific and recognizable character.


During the tasting phase, the appearance of Sereso is consistent, full-bodied, of an intense ruby red with delicate garnet reflections.

The olfactory profile is fully typical, with fruity scents - cherry, blackberry, plum - pleasantly evolved (jam-like) and soft tertiary notes of vanilla, liquorice, cocoa and a slight touch of leather. This magnificent complexity is re- vealed again to the palate, to which Sereso offers himself with all his vibrant youth: the acidic shoulder is marked, the tannins still sharp - but more than ever pleasing – thus making the overall balance of this wine slightly in favour of its so-called hard parts.

This characteristic, combined with the significant alcohol content, gives Sereso an extraordinary prospect of longevity and prodigious evolution in the bottle.


Like any great wine, Sereso lends itself to equally important and structured combina- tions: succulent red meats - venison, mutton - but also rich first courses like lasagne or rib- bon pasta with meat sauce.


An absolute must is to try this wine alongside the great mature cheeses such as Formaggio Fossa di Sogliano.

SERESO MAGNUM 1.5L | Red Wine | Tenuta del Principe

  • Available from our storage in Switzerland

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