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SYRAH 0.75L | WHITE Wine | Stella del Sud


Syrah Terre Siciliane I.G.T.

100% Syrah
TStainless Steel Tank



The Syrah is certainly to be counted among those vines that, although linking their fame to a specific geographical place - we refer of course to the Cote du Rhone, in the south of France - in the last decades has seen its fortune grow and prosper in numerous new theatres.


Protagonist of the most recent chapter in the history of the great viticulture inaugura- ted by the so-called New World (Americas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in primis), Syrah can also boast an illustrious production tradition linked to the Bel Paese (the “Beautiful Land” ie. Italy).


Here, Sicily is undoubtedly the land of choi- ce for this vine, capable of giving life to sensational wines as faithful to the terroir d’origine as they are united by an unmistakable aromatic profile.


The Stella del Sud line proposes a Syrah which is perfectly consistent with this style, ideal synthesis of a deep connection with the earth and a gentle international inclination.


Upon visual examination this wine has an intense ruby red colour, thick - thanks to the high content of pigmentation - with enchanting purple hues which denote its exuberant youth. In the glass it is full-bodied, substantial, preluding a significant alcohol content. The olfactory profile is very typical, faithful to the characteristics of the vine: upon ope- ning the unmistakable spicy aroma of black pepper is striking, but also the fruity notes of plum, black cherry, blackcurrant and blue- berry, wonderfully enveloped by tertiary no- tes - cocoa, liquorice and vanilla – deriving from its aging in wood. The structure of this Syrah finally reveals itself in all its vigour on the palate, with a noteworthy alcohol content that perfectly balances the marked astringency and the lively freshness.


Most versatile in its accompaniments, the Syrah Stella del Sud goes wonderfully with red meat, grilled, stewed or braised, lamb, wild boar and game in general.


For aromatic affinity, try it with matured cheeses flavoured with black pepper or with highly spiced dishes.

SYRAH 0.75L | White Wine | Stella del Sud

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