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SERESO MAGNUM 1.5L | RED Wine | Tenuta del Principe


Romagna DOCG Albana Secco

100% Albana
Medium mixture
Sur lies in French oak barrel from 12

to 14 months dry


“Not so humbly should you be drunk, rather you should be drunk in gold to pay homage to your sweet taste!”

Legend has it that this was the exclamation of Galla Placidia, daughter of Emperor Theodosius, tasting the Albana wine, offered in a rough earthenware jug by the inhabitants of a small village of Romagna on her journey to Tuscany. 

The name of the village of Bertinoro (“Drink-in-gold”), a small village near Cesena, is derived from this legendary quotation and from the anecdote can be perfectly grasped the regal aura and the extraordinary potentiality of perhaps the most famous native grape of Romagna.


This extraordinariness, closely linked to the ability of this grape to guarantee a unique balance between freshness, alcohol content and sugar residue, is testified by an important record that Albana – to be precise, its passito version – can boast at the level of legislative recognition: in 1987 it became the first Italian white wine to obtain the authoritative recog- nition of the Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG), a title which today the dry, medium and sweet versions can also bear.


To the whole of a line born in Romagna and which has excellence as its objective, a tribute to this genuine treasure of the Romag- na wine tradition could not be missed. It is here proposed in a dry version further enhanced by a delicate aging in wood. Sintria captivates the taster at first sight with its brilliant golden reflections and a beautiful consistency that is prelude to a rich and complex palate. To the nose arise fruity notes of peach, apricot and golden apple, completed by floral hints and light tertiary sensations (vanilla).


To the palate it is intense, full-bodied, soft, well supported on an acid frame and a savoury note that guarantees a perfect balance.


The important structure conferred by its passage in wood makes Sintria an excellent companion for fish preparations of moderate intensity, risottos and selected cheeses of matured cheeses such as Formaggio di Fossa (pit cheese).

SINTRIA MAGNUM 1.5L | Red Wine | Tenuta del Principe

  • Available from our storage in Switzerland

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