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POTENTE 0.75L | Red Wine | Santerno


Cabernet Sauvignon Rubicone I.G.T.

85% Cabernet Sauvignon - 15% Uva del Tundé

Medium Mixture

Tonneaux semi-dry


One of the most important qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape is certainly its ability, regardless of the cultivation area, to give the wines produced by it the typical well-known organoleptic characteristics. These include the complex aromatic profile composed of a wonderful symphony of red fruits as well as plant and mineral notes.

Potente therefore offers itself as a derivation firmly rooted in its territory of origin, the Valle del Santerno, of the great international wine making tradition of which Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly one of the main protagonists. The admixture between these two souls - inter- national and regional - is, moreover, perfectly transmitted by the composition of the blend of Potente, in which, alongside the famous red grapes of Bordeaux origin, is placed a small percentage of the Uva del Tundé, an extraordinarily singular raw material, recently rediscovered thanks to the initiative of some producers in the Ravenna area. Officially entered in theregister of varieties suitable for winemaking in 2009, since 2010 the Uva del Tundé can also count on its own consortium of protection and enhancement.

Thanks to its particular organoleptic characteristics, the Uva del Tundé lends itself perfectly as a complementary grape for the creation of truly unique products, distinguished by intense and bright colours, a significant structure, and a particularly pronounced and persistent aro- matic profile.


The final touch is then conferred by aging in wood, which not only further enriches the olfactory bouquet and taste of Potente with pre- cious tertiary notes, but also has a balancing effect, bringing softness to the remarkable fre- shness of this incredible Cabernet Sauvignon

POTENTE 0.75L | Red Wine | Santerno

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