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LARONE 0.75L | RED Wine | Tenuta del Principe


Rosso Rubicone IGP

50% Sangiovese, 25% Malbo Gentile 15% Centesimino, 10% Syrah

clayey, medium mixture

in big oak barrel for 18 months semi-dry


The denomination IGT Rubicone coincides with the geographical area identified with Romagna: a territory as vast as it is varied, whose definition lies not so much in politics as in history and culture.

It is precisely in the past that we glimpse the origins of the choice of this name, Rubicon, to unite, and in a certain sense to recount, this land, which in 49 BC, was the scene of one of the most important upheavals in the course of history: arriving at the borders of Rome, which coincides exactly with the course of the River Rubicon, Julius Caesar decided to take the fateful step that led to the civil war that put an end to the Roman Republic and inaugurated the imperial era.


The extraordinary fame attained by this enter- prise, immortalised, between myth and reality, by the famous phrase “Alea iacta est” (the die is cast) - words attributed to Caesar by Suetonius in his De Vita Caesarum – later gave life to a bitter controversy for the location of the real Rubicon.


If Caesar’s exploit then becomes a further element to enrich the fiery identity debate in Romagna, it nevertheless offers a precious distinctive element for the entire territory: the denomination Rubicone IGT therefore be- comes a symbol of this proud common herit- age, which arises from history to filter through to our daily culture, shaped by symbolism, tradition, but above all perfumes and flavours. Larone arose from the desire to pay homage to the romagnol oenological tradition, ennobling it not only with innovative winemaking tech- niques, but also clothing it with a garment of great value, all the more rare for a product of this name.


The elegance of its image is perfectly reflected in the glass of the taster, offering in its singu- larity an unforgettable sensorial experience. The aromatic profile of Larone is in fact drawn from the perfect harmony of four types of grape, balanced in an unprecedented blend in which


the King Sangiovese (50%) is enhanced by combination with two impetuous native vines (Malbo Gentile 25%, Centesimino 15%)

6 and the spicy touch of Sirah (10%)

LARONE 0.75L | Red Wine | Tenuta del Principe

  • Available from our storage in Switzerland

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