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CHEILANTE 0.75L | WHITE Wine | Santerno


Pignoletto D.O.C.

100% Pignoletto

Medium Mixture

Stainless Steel Tank semi-dry


Istrione offers its partaker an interesting Romagnol declination of the Pignoletto in its still form: the extraordinary potential demonstrated by the Pignoletto grapes produced by our vines, has inspired the team of winemakers at the head of the Santerno Wines project to challenge themselves in this endeavour to elevate to the highest degree the characteristics of a truly extraordinary grape.


The result is Istrione, fragrant and intriguing, excellent pairing for dishes based on fish (cod with olives and capers, sea bream, lobster) and risotto; thanks to its remarkable freshness it lends itself well also to tasty Italian appetisers.

ISTRIONE 0.75L | White Wine | Santerno

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