FIORDICAMPO 0.75L | White Wine | Santerno


Pignoletto D.O.C. Frizzante

100% Pignoletto Medium Mixture Stainless Steel Tank



Fiordicampo is better thought of as a symbol, the seal of the constant and beneficial link between Tenute d’Italia and its past, so as to regain that which was one of the oldest and noble products adorning the historical production of its own winery – the Sparkling Pignoletto “Fiore di Campo” – to offer it to the wide international market.


The hints of wisteria and jasmine blend together perfectly with hints of yellow fruit and citrus to give life to a bouquet made simply unique by the spicy hints of ginger and white pepper. To be served chilled, Fiordicampo, is ideal as an aperitif, but combines beautifully with fish based and fried opening dishes.

FIORDICAMPO 0.75L | White Wine | Santerno


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