DUCAMONTE | RED Wine | Santerno


Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore

100% Sangiovese


Tonneaux dry


A vivid ruby red, this Sangiovese Superiore enchants its taster with delicate floral sensations of dried violets, currants and raspberries, completed by elegant - but delicate – tertiary notes conferred by its refinement in Tonneaux barrels (18 months).


The full body of this wine denotes a superb ex- traction capacity during the long fermentation on the skins (up to 30 days), while the perfect balance between the sharpness of the tannins and the general softness of the product offer themselves as further, irrefutable proof of the marvellous potential offered by the Sangiovese grape.


Ducamante certainly finds its perfect match with first courses - preferably homemade egg pasta - with meat sauce, grilled meats and succulent roasts; however, its considerable structure makes it interesting also in combina- tion with feathered and furred game such as roast wild boar.

DUCAMONTE 0.75L | Red Wine | Santerno



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