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PIGNOLETTO 0.75L | White Sparkling Wine | Santerno


Pignoletto D.O.C. Spumante

100% Pignoletto Clayey
Stainless Steel Tank



Unlike all those varieties that contribute to reinforcing the geographical and cultural individuality of Emilia and Romagna, Pignoletto places the focus of its own area of election right on the border between the two regions, in the province of Bologna.


From that central point radiates a fascinating articulation of productive realities. Within the large area designated by the product specification of Controlled Denomination of Origin (D.O.C.), however, it is possible to attribute a specific productive inclination to each zone: if between Modena and Bologna it is distinguished by its still version, on the road to the Romagna, there is an increased tendency to favour the sparkling version.


On the other hand, an almost uniform and widespread circulation can be recognized in the spumante version, which has found an equally flourishing and interesting development both on the Emilian and the Romagnol sides.


The ampelographic characteristics of Grechetto Gentile make it the perfect raw material as a basis for sparkling wines: great freshness, the right alcohol content and an aromatic profile as rich as it is characteristic.

The hints of yellow peach and apricot are accompanied to the nose by herbaceous and floral notes (jasmine, lily of the valley, wisteria, chamomile), finishing with a sweet spicy sug- gestion reminiscent of ginger and white pepper. 


On the palate the extraordinary freshness of this wine unfolds in all its elegance, offering sensa- tions of exotic fruit and citrus; the moderate alcohol content, with the help of an agreeable sugar residue, makes it possible to obtain a wi- ne that is generally soft and structured, with a delicately delicious effervescence.


Perfect for crowning a festive occasion with a delectable toast, this Pignoletto lends itself as a perfect aperitif – coupled with boards of fre- sh cheeses and cured meats – or throughout the course of the meal, but favouring me- dium-structured combinations like first courses of fish and shellfish.

PIGNOLETTO SPUMANTE 0.75L | White Sparkling Wine | Santerno

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