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BRAMANTE 0.75L | Red Wine | Santerno


Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese

100% Sangiovese Medium Mixture Stainless Steel Tank



Bramante is the fruit of a precise oenological project aimed at paying homage to the Sangiovese grape in its most perfect purity. In fact, it is one of the most widespread varieties in our country, giving birth to some of the most famous and emblazoned excellences of Italian wine heritage, such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.


Even Romagna, for its part, can claim a great wine tradition linked to Sangiovese, so much so that, in recent years, the revision of the Italian designation system has wanted to recognize this historic union by introducing the Controlled Denomination of Origin Romagna Sangiovese - which also introduces as many as 12 sub-zones, indicated as maximum places of excellence.


One of the best qualities of this vine is in fact that of knowing how to engender wines of great quality and organoleptic characteristics that are extraordinarily diverse depending on the territory of cultivation and, above all, on the vinification methods, ranging from the brilliant fruity freshness of the Novello version, to the proud austerity of the Riserve. Bramante places itself at the centre of this broad spectrum, putting the vine and its peculiarities at the centre of the scene: without any tertiary contribution (the refinement takes place only in steel tanks) this wine offers its taster an excellent example of the true ele- gance of the Sangiovese grape. In the tasting phase, Bramante reveals all the organoleptic characteristics typically associated with San- giovese-based wines: the floral notes of violets triumph over the nose, accompanied by juicy fruity notes of strawberry, currant and raspberry, while the palate appreciates it for its freshness and pleasantly sharp tannins. Good persistence, with hints of fruit and a slightly spicy closure.


Thanks to these characteristics Bramante presents itself as an excellent wine for the whole meal, perfectly partnering both the starters and the main courses. In the warmer seasons, serve it slightly cooled and let your- self be surprised.

BRAMANTE 0.75L | Red Wine | Santerno

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